Culture and community

This principle is about nurturing local identity and heritage, empowering communities and promoting a culture of sustainable living.

One Planet Goals for culture and community
  • Foster a sense of place and belonging
  • Active citizenship
  • Enhance local culture, heritage and sense of place
  • Nurture a new culture of sustainability


For example: sense of place, local community, active citizenship, local culture, culture of sustainability, anything else we think is important.

Bruton is a place where there is a huge sense of community (from my perspective) and a lot going on. That may not ring true for everyone and if it doesn't we'd like to know what's missing.

There are so many groups doing things that contribute to culture and community
  • Too many to list!
  • Bruton Community Partnership
  • Art
  • Craft
  • At The Chapel: Meantime & other events
  • Hauser & Wirth Somerset / Roth Bar & Grill events
  • Bruton Library
  • Bruton Museum
  • Bruton Trust
  • Open studios / Art weeks
  • Bruton and District Horticultural society
  • Who else?
Useful apps / information (to be added to):
  • Where to find out what's on in Bruton 
  • Common Ground is an arts, conservation and education charity based in Dorset that was founded with the idea of local distinctiveness at its heart
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