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Bruton Bike Week

Bruton Bike Week 🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♂️

To round off Bruton Bike Week, here's a recap of some of the things we've suggested plus some extra useful cycling-related info...

🚴‍♀️ Bike routes

- 13.8km family-friendly loop through Pitcombe, Shepton Montague and Upper Hadspen, passing by The Newt:

- 20km loop taking in the back end of Galhampton and through Cary:

- 54.9km loop out to Longleat and Shearwater:

- Bruton Cycling Club's favourite routes:

- Or look up Bruton or Bruton Cycling Club on Strava or Komoot

🚴‍♀️ Bike repairs

If your bike needs fixing or servicing, there are several local bike repairers:

- CB Bike Services - 07854 161379 /

- Xpressofix -

Further afield, members of Bruton Cycling Club suggest:

- Wheels of Dorset in Gillingham

- Cycology Bikes in Frome

🚴‍♀️ Useful sources of information

- Bruton Cycling Club

- Lets Ride - - for finding British Cycling Free organised rides either family or women’s only

- British Cycling

- Sustrans -

🚴‍♀️ Bruton's Safer Walking and Cycling Group

A joint working group between One Planet Bruton and Bruton Town Council, the Safer Walking and Cycling Group is looking for ways to improve walking and cycling in the town. While it might seem quite quiet from the outside, our volunteers are working hard behind the scenes on improving conditions for walking and cycling around Bruton. With the pandemic we have had to do a lot of background work rather than face to face. We've surveyed pupils at the primary school about walking and cycling to school and residents in specific parts of the town about their walking habits and routes. If you'd like to get involved, please contact

🚴‍♀️ Bruton Bike Hire

If you don't have a bike or would like to try an electric bike, Bruton Bike Hire has electric and ordinary bikes in a range of sizes to hire.

Contact Robin on 07812 151247 or

🚴‍♀️ Somerset Rail to Trail

The Somerset Rail to Trail Project is a community-led initiative of volunteers aiming to transform the disused Somerset & Dorset railway into a safe off-road accessible trailway for pedestrians, wheelchair users, cyclists and equestrians. Some sections of the old Somerset & Dorset railway have already be transformed. The North Dorset Trailway now runs from Sturminster Newton to Spetisbury and there are plans to extend it to south to Poole. Some sections near Bath, including the two tunnels greenway, are now excellent multi-use trailways that are enjoyed by many. The Somerset and Dorset line passed through Cole which is just outside Bruton. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this became a trailway path, providing safe off-road links to Wincanton and Shepton? It's a great idea but unless we all get behind it, this idea may never become a reality. Please do follow them on social media, share posts and get involved where you can. They have achieved a lot behind the scenes since starting in 2019 but there's still a long way to go and all help will be appreciated.

Facebook: @railtotrail

Instagram: @railtotrail

Twitter: @rail2trail

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One Planet Bruton has today submitted a response objecting to the planning application for the Land North of Brewham Rise in Bruton on the basis that:

  • It does not adequately respond to the Climate and Ecological Emergency declared by both South Somerset District Council and Bruton Town Council.
  • The Flood Risk Assessment and proposed measures for flood management are inadequate. 
  • There are inaccuracies in the information provided for sewage disposal. 
  • There is no commitment to Biodiversity net gain. 
  • The cumulative impacts of development in Bruton need to be assessed

See 8768894068?profile=original

To add your comments, visit, click on the button 'Search for planning application' and enter the reference 20/02297/OUT.

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In 2020, Bruton Town Council and One Planet Bruton set up a Safer Walking and Cycling Group led by Cllr James Hood.

Part of the Safer and Walking Cycling Group's vision is that, within ten years, almost all people living in Bruton will be able to walk to the shops, schools and station along safe and direct routes that are easy and safe to walk with a double buggy or in a wheelchair and .

The Group wanted to know how children got to school in Bruton and carried out a 'Walking and Cycling to School' survey in autumn 2020.

The online and hard copy survey could be completed by the parents or carers and students at all schools in Bruton. Bruton Primary School actively promoted it to parents so had a higher response rate than the other schools.

There were 48 responses to the survey for Bruton Primary School. The key findings for Bruton Primary School are that:

  • 76 children are driven to school in Bruton from other local towns and villages
  • 78% of children who live in Bruton walk to school
  • Less than 1% of children in Bruton cycle to school
  • Children and their parents want to walk and cycle more
  • Safety is perceived as the main obstacle to both walking and cycling
  • More and better crossings were the most requested improvement

A presentation of the results of the survey can be found here.



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Have you ever thought about getting solar panels for your roof but not known where to go or who to trust?

Join solar PV installers IDDEA and the Green Group for an online Q&A session at 7.30pm on Thursday 28 January 2021 to answer all your questions about the Solar Streets scheme.

Solar Streets is a One Planet Bruton and Bruton and Castle Cary Town Council partnership with solar PV installers IDDEA and the Green Group to bring discounted solar PV to our towns and the surrounding area, and contribute to environmental projects.

The scheme covers up to five miles from Bruton and Castle Cary so includes Brewham, Ditcheat, East Pennard, Evercreech, North Cadbury, Shepton Montague, Wincanton and all the homes and villages inbetween.

For more information see:

Register for the session in advance at:
You will receive joining instructions after registration

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Today, Jane Durney submitted a response on behalf of One Planet Bruton CIC about the Brewham Road North Planning Application 20-02297-OUT.

We gave our comments orally at an Emergency Bruton Town Council meeting on 28 September 2020. At this stage, we object to this application:

  • It does not adequately respond to the Climate and Ecological Emergency declared by both South Somerset District Council and Bruton Town Council.
  • The Flood Risk Assessment and proposed measures for flood management are inadequate.
  • There are inaccuracies in the information provided for sewage disposal.
  • There is no commitment to Biodiversity net gain.
  • The cumulative impacts of development in Bruton need to be assessed.

Further details are contained in the letter attached.


201008 OPB response to Brewham Road North 20-02297-OUT.pdf



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Have you ever thought about getting solar panels for your roof but not known where to go or who to trust?

Solar Streets is a community and Bruton and Castle Cary Town Council partnership with IDDEA and the Green Group to bring discounted solar PV to Bruton, Castle Cary and the surrounding area (within 5 miles of the centre of Bruton or Castle Cary).

For more information see: 

IDDEA's offer is a 12 panel 4kWp system from £4,000. Smaller and larger systems are available with add-ons such as batteries for storage of electricity and iBoost to heat water. The standard offering features black 340Wp panels.

IDDEA has already completed around 70 installations in partnership with Frome Town Council up the road in Frome and are running a similar scheme in St Albans and district. They are MCS-certified with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

Benefits to the environment: Installing solar PV reduces CO2 emissions and increases the amount of renewable energy installed in our area, helping Bruton get closer to a target of being Zero Carbon by 2030. According to the Energy Saving Trust a standard 4kWp, 12 panel system saves 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Benefits to our community: £50 will be given to a community fund for every domestic solar installation and a minimum of £100 for a commercial installation to be used towards green projects in our community.

Helpful videos

To find out more information about the Solar Streets scheme take a look at these videos:

We will be organising Zoom Q&A sessions with IDDEA and The Green Group so you can get your questions answered. 

If possible, please take a look at the information above and watch the videos before attending a Q&A session.

See Events for upcoming sessions.

To get the offer

If you want Solar Panels installed, simply contact IDDEA directly by emailing

They will first conduct a desktop survey of your property making sure it is suitable for solar panels and they will then arrange a free, no obligation physical survey on your property (all social distancing guidelines will be followed). If you want any added extras they will explain them all to you clearly and with transparant prices.

If you have any more questions, email

Image credit: IDDEA

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We're not quite ready to hold one of our monthly indoor Sustainability Sunday events yet, so we thought how about an outdoor event that everyone can join in with from their own homes, and better yet: let's make it last all weekend long! So on the 12th and 13th September we're hoping that as many people as possible will join in with Bruton's first Freecycle Weekend! All you need to do is find a spot by your front gate or doorstep where you can discreetly display some of your pre-loved items that you no longer want or need, and which you are happy to gift to someone else. Preferably put a little notice up welcoming people to help themselves, put things out of dog wee zone, and make sure they don't cause an obstruction. Then have a walk around our beautiful town, and choose yourself some lovely items to re-home. By all means let others know what you have on offer on social media: the more people that join in the merrier, and hopefully we can stop many things going to waste. Please make sure you remove anything that's left at the end of the day: we don't want to litter the streets. And enjoy!
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Image credit: The Sustainable Fashion Forum 

If everyone in the world lived as we do in the UK, we would need three planets to support us.

One Planet Bruton is looking for ways for us to lead happy, healthy lives within a fair share of the earth’s resources, leaving space for wildlife, using Bioregional’s One Planet Living Framework.

This Earth Day, as we live through the Covid-19 pandemic, we can pause to reflect on what really matters: emotional connection with our friends and family, peace of mind, healthy food and the opportunity to be in nature. When we come through this crisis, do we still want to be selling a product or service that does nothing to improve people’s health and wellbeing and contributes to climate change and ecosystem collapse? Or do we want to help create a world where people can live in health and happiness within the natural limits of the planet? If we can flatten the curve of Covid-19, we can flatten the curve of our environmental impact.

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The list below has been superseded by the list of local information being kept uptodate on Bruton Town Council's website:
Copied from the Alternative Bruton Facebook Group on 22 March 2020, 9am
References to menus in comments below are only relevant to the Facebook post.

Post updated 22 March 2020, am.

Resources and shops and help for Coronavirus days (with thanks to Jenny Newton who did something similar in Evercreech)

This is a list of various resources / offers of help from around Bruton and surrounding villages for people who are stuck at home or self-isolating, or need help in these strange days. I've collated it from Facebook posts and other sources. I hope I've put the right information down, and enough contact information for people to find things. It's not exhaustive. If anyone I've posted about needs me to change anything, do let me know. Please add others via the comments and I'll edit the main post when I can.

Thanks so much to everyone who's been making these posts and offering to help people in Bruton. Let's support our local producers, suppliers and other businesses.

The latest government advice on coronavirus can be found at…/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-res…. This includes guidance on social distancing and for vulnerable people, stay at home guidance and travel advice.

NHS information about coronavirus: Use use 111 online Only call 111 if you cannot get help online.

It goes without saying that coronavirus is contagious and take every precaution to ensure we are only spreading kindness.


Bruton Buddies The Town Council is relaunching the 'Bruton Buddies' volunteer scheme to help the most vulnerable in Bruton. See…/council-calls-for-volun…/.

Bruton Pharmacy - open as usual (01749 812342) Deliveries to over 70s per this post:

Bruton Surgery - See their Facebook page for latest details (01749 812310 or,55770.htm)

Bruton Food Larder / food bank - organised by @janeshakti. Donation points for non-perishable dry goods at Bruton Wholefoods and Hunter French (9 High Street). Open Fridays 8.30am - 9.45am at Unionist Hall. Extra times coming soon. Contact @janeshakti if you can help


As far as I'm aware, shops and restaurants are taking extra precautions and following advice to reduce the risk of infection. Payment by card is preferred. On 20 March 2020, the Government introduced measures to close entertainment, hospitality and indoor leisure premises across the country to limit spread of coronavirus. Many of Bruton's restaurants offer takeaway and deliveries. See below.

Akbar's Kitchen at the Sun Inn - Closed. Takeaway and deliveries of food (01749 813777 / 07888 704515 /

At The Chapel - Restaurant and event room closed. Wine shop, bakery and takeaway open as usual. Preorder by phone. Deliveries coming soon. (01749 814070 /

Bridge Stores - Open as usual. Deliveries being introduced (01749 812339)

Brixham fish (Fridays by Godminster) - (Jon - 07971 163247)

Bruton Castle - Closed (01749 812104)

Bruton Wholefoods - Open as usual (01749 814811)

Budgens - Open as usual (01749 812832)

Cat's cafe - Closed (07792 063947)

Gilcombe farm shop - Open as usual. Milk station available 24 hrs Orders can be collected from farmshop (01749 813825 / )

Godminster Cheese - Open as usual (01749 813733 /

Kimbers' Farm Shop - Restaurant closed. Shop open. Also doing deliveries, see below (01963 33177)

Matts Kitchen - Closed for meals. Open for takeaway. See below (01879 812027)

On The Brook - Open for takeaway. Also doing deliveries, see below. (01749 813 048 /

Osip - Open for takeaway. See below (01749 813322 /

Premier Convenience Store - Open as usual. Great homemade frozen curries (01749 812308)

Rickshaw - Deliveries only (01749 812188)

Roth Bar and Grill - Restaurant closed. Takeaway and delivery. Pop-up shop opening on 25 March 2020 (01749 814700 /

Spar - Open as usual. Deliveries as below. (01749 812388)

Have I missed anyone?


Akbar's Kitchen at the Sun Inn - Takeaway and deliveries of food (01749 813777 / 07888 704515 /

Annie Austin - pausing deliveries for a week

Jane Hodson - Order by Tuesday for Thursday delivery. Menu changes weekly. PM Jane or email

Kimber Farm Shop - Delivery service with a weekly variety of ready meals made in the kitchen. Delivery of groceries too. (01963 33177 / 07813 989839 /

Matts Kitchen - Takeaway and delivery to self-isolating people. See website for menu. Meals are available for collection between 5 - 7pm, Wed to Sat. Also doing deliveries to those who genuinely need it. See website for menu (01879 812027 /

On The Brook - Deliveries from Mon 23 March. See menu on website. Call to order and pay by 11am. Delivery or pick up between 5 - 6pm same day (01749 813 048 /

Osip - Orders placed by 6pm will be available for collection the following day between 3pm and 6pm. Menu posted on Instagram. Delivery for minimum order of £50. (Call 07783 593849 to order)

Rickshaw - delivery only (01749 812188)

Roth Bar and Grill - Collection each week from Wednesday to Sunday, between 12 – 6pm,
for both lunch and dinner. Deliveries available between 2 – 3pm. Order via online form:…

Somerset Local Food - Locally sourced food deliveries. Order on Monday and delivery is on Thursday.

Spar - Deliveries to people who can't get to the shop. (01749 812388)

MoreWine -

Wild Beer Co / Westcombe - will deliver "ultimate care packages" of beer, gin, local cheese and meats for people stuck at home.


Bruton Country Centre - Open as usual. Delivering anything they sell: hardware, pet or garden items (01749 812743)

Bruton Motor Services - open as usual (01749 812992)

West End Garage - open as usual. Card only, no cash. (01749 813655)


HMRC - Coronavirus helpline (for self-employed and businesses) - 0300 456 3565

South Somerset District Council -…/coronavirus-covid-19-informatio…/

Somerset County Council -…/covid-19-well-prepared-plans-in-place/

Spark Somerset - info for community groups and charities -

WARNINGS - beware people offering / suggesting these things

Door-to-door Covid-19 testing - there's no such thing, don't trust anyone who comes around suggestng there is.

Current phone scam saying money (£600) has been taken from a Mastercard account and needs to be sorted out.

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We're delighted that Bruton Town Council has adopted recommendations made by the Climate and Ecological Core Working Group. Its latest allotment renewal notice states:

"Please note that the Council prohibits the use of Glyphosate and similar herbicides / pesticides on its land including the raised beds; encourages  allotment holders to follow organic principles; bans use of peat-based compost; supports sharing of excess produce and supports events / workshops to promote food-growing".

The Pesticide Action Network has a Pesticide-Free Towns Campaign. By committing to  go pesticide-free, the Town Council can join the network which includes lots of other places.

There's information for Council's and land managers on alternatives to pesticides here.

There's a useful guide to gardening without pesticides focusing on specific pests here.



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Today, Jane Durney submitted a response on behalf of One Planet Bruon CIC about the Brewham Road North Planning Application 19/03103/OUT.

We previously submitted pre-application comments to Claremont Planning on 9 September 2019. At this stage, we object to the application. It does not adequately respond to the Climate and Ecological Emergency declared by both South Somerset District Council and Bruton Town Council.

See the linked file below for the full response:

One Planet Bruton CIC response

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One Planet Bruton is at Castle Cary Green Fair. Hear Jane Durney speak at 4pm. Her presentation will be attached here afterwards.

190914 Cary Green Fair - One Planet Bruton v1.0 JD.pdf

The top five things you can do that will have the biggest impact:

  • Stay on the ground (Avoid flying, and offsetyour emissions if you do)
  • Switch to a green energy supplier
  • Follow the plant-based trend
  • Use your voice (Contact your MP or businesses to raise issues)

Some useful links mentioned in the presentation:

One Planet Living

Calculate your ecological footprint

Tips for action

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Sent to on 9 September 2019

Dear Sir or Madam
Bruton Town Council declared a climate emergency on 26 March 2019, as has South Somerset District Council and Somerset County Council. The Town Council pledged to do everything within the Town Council's power to make Bruton carbon neutral by 2030 and to work with Bruton's residents, businesses and other organisations to meet the 2030 target.
One Planet Bruton ( is a local community response to Bruton Town Council's declaration of a climate emergency. We are working with Bioregional's One Planet Living framework which consists of ten principles and has been used by organisations large and small, developers, London 2012, cities and local authorities in the UK and around the world. Environmental charity, Bioregional ( came up with the concept of One Planet Living ( i.e. leading happy lives within a fair share of the earth’s resources, leaving space for nature and wildlife) in response to the fact that if everyone in the world lived as we do in the UK, we’d need 3 planets to support us.
The ten principles are:
  • Health and happiness - Encouraging active, social, meaningful lives to promote good health and wellbeing
  • Equity and local economy - Creating safe, equitable places to live and work which support local prosperity and international fair trade
  • Culture and community - Nurturing local identity and heritage, empowering communities and promoting a culture of sustainable living
  • Land and nature - Protecting and restoring land for the benefit of people and wildlife
  • Sustainable water - Using water efficiently, protecting local water resources and reducing flooding and drought
  • Local and sustainable food - Promoting sustainable humane farming and healthy diets high in local, seasonal organic food and vegetable protein
  • Travel and transport - Reducing the need to travel, encouraging walking, cycling and low carbon transport
  • Materials and products - Using materials from sustainable sources and promoting products which help people reduce consumption
  • Zero waste - Reducing consumption, reusing and recycling to achieve zero waste and zero pollution
  • Zero carbon energy - Making buildings and manufacturing energy efficient and supplying all energy with renewables
The One Planet Living Framework has been used by development projects all over the world and by companies large and small. One notable development that has used it is Elmsbrook, the first phase of the Bicester Eco Town. See the Bicester Eco Town: NW Bicester, for examples of exemplary development and the targets that were set. This is the only one of the Eco Towns to be built to the original standards. 
We have set up One Planet Bruton CIC. It is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee. Its objects are to carry on activities which benefit the community and, in particular, to work with Bruton's residents, businesses and other organisations to enable current and future residents to live happy, healthy lives within the limits of the planet, using Bioregional's One Planet Living framework. Our specific objects are to support, develop, initiate and manage community projects and interactions in line with the ten One Planet Living principles.
We would like to see all new development in Bruton adopt and deliver against the goals and principles of the One Planet Living framework. 
Housing that is built now will still be standing when the target comes into force, so to avoid expensive and wasteful retrofitting between now and then, any new homes should be designed to be zero carbon. Examples of projects that have used the One Planet Living Framework can be found at and
All new development should be exemplary in terms of construction materials (reducing embodied carbon) and waste, energy efficiency and water consumption, future-proofed and designed to cope with increased summer temperatures without overheating, and reduce risk of surface water flooding through incorporation of SUDS and water attenuation ponds. 
Alternative methods of construction, particularly those that sequester carbon, should be considered, to minimise the lifecycle carbon emissions of any development. 
The development should be future-proofed for a changing climate, e.g. avoiding overheating through orientation of buildings, location of windows, and shade through tree planting; SUDS and increased size of guttering for increased rainfall; fittings attaching roofs and facades should be able to withstand higher winds. (
The development should be designed to foster a sense of community and have good connections to the rest of Bruton. 
In terms of biodiversity and wildlife, any priority habitats should be protected, restored and enhanced, and connected to nearby habitats through wildlife corridors. The development should achieve a minimum 25% net biodiversity gain using the Defra biodiversity metric (or other locally approved metric) and incorporate biodiversity features (see:
Opportunities for food-growing and edible landscaping should be included in all new developments.
In terms of transport and travel, the development should have high-speed broadband to enable people to work from home. It should be easy and attractive for people to walk and cycle. Low and zero carbon vehicles should be promoted and electric vehicle charging infrastructure included as standard.
Please include us in any future consultations for this site and please confirm receipt of this response.


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