Land and nature

This priniciple is about protecting and restoring land for the benefit of people and wildlife.

One Planet Goals for land and nature:

  • A positive contribution to local biodiversity and wildlife corridors
  • Maximise carbon sequestration in the soil and biomass
  • Maximise synergies between agriculture, forestry, biodiversity and carbon storage
  • Enhance 'ecosystem services' such as clean water and air
  • Engage people in recognising the value of nature, including its value to human health


For example: habitat protection / creation, responsible sourcing of materials, global protection of ecosystems, biodiversity audits / surveys, reforestation, carbon sequestration, anything else we thing is important.

Useful apps and information (to be added to):
Wildlife organisations


Wildlife gardening


Engaging children and wildlife



  • A brilliant guide to growing trees from seed by TCV 

Natural capital and ecosystem services (the techy bit)

  • Ecosystems Knowledge Network (a network and knowledge bank - everything you might want to know about the natural capital, the ecosystems approach and ecosystem services)
  • The Natural Capital Initiative (a partnership of UK organisations which promotes and supports decision-making across government, business and the private sector that results in the sustainable management of our natural capital)


Incorporating wildlife into housing and other developments



Gardening without pesticides

  • A useful guide from Pesticde Action Network

Regenerative agriculture

  • An interesting article about Regenerative Agriculture
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