Zero carbon energy

This principle is about making buildings and manufacturing energy efficient and supplying all energy with renewables.

One Planet Goals for zero carbon energy:
  • Buildings and processes are energy-efficient compared to a stated local or national benchmark
  • 100% of energy consumed is supplied by non-polluting renewable energy generated onsite or offsite
  • People are able to reduce fuel costs and adverse impacts on health from poorly heated or ventilated buildings


For example: energy consumption, energy efficiency of buildings, greenhouse gases, energy consumption of products, renewable energy onsite, renewable energy tariffs.

Bruton Town Council declared a Climate Emergency on 26 March 2019. See this blog post for more information.
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  •  From Brian M.

    Dee and I were impressed with the simple practicality at Monday's meeting (30 September 2019) of the suggestion to boil water and keep it in a thermos for tea, coffee etc:
    So much so, Dee went a-huntin’ locally and found a Judge 1.5 litre stainless steel thermal jug, at good ol’ Dave Marsh (Kitchens) in ‘Cary - priced @ £20.99.
    We’ve got one and it holds cold or hot water for 8 hours

This reply was deleted.