This principle is about reducing consumption, reusing and recycling to achieve zero waste and zero pollution.

One Planet Goals for zero waste:

  • Reduce wasteful consumption
  • Maximise upcycling, reuse and recycling
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • Aim for zero pollutants to enter air, water or soil
  • Promote the waste hierarchy:
    • Reduce consumption
    • Prevent waste
    • Reuse materials and products
    • Recycle and compost
    • Recover energy from waste
    • Dispose to landfill (Aim to get this to zero)

For example: waste in operations / construction / products & packaging, waste hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle), maximising value of waste / circular economy, final waste disposal, toxic pollution

Useful apps and information (we'll keep adding to this)
  • All you need to know about recycling at Recycle More (where to recycle what)
  • Recylenow is the national recycling campaign for England 
  • Terracycle partners with companies to recycle many materials that aren't taken by local recycling collections, e.g. crisp packets, plastic sweet wrappers, petfood pouches and more. (see below for details of local collection points)
  • Love Food Hate Waste has practical tips for reducing food waste at home
  • Composting advice or look at Charles Dowding's website
Local (we'll keep adding to this as we find out more)
  • Waste and recycling bin collection days
  • Somerset Waste Partnership has information about our local recycling services and tips for how to reduce waste and recycle more. From 2020, they are rolling out a new waste collection service which will collect more materials that can be recycled. 
  • Repair
    • Advice from Somerset Waste Partnership and a Repair Revolution flier
    • Shoes: The Wincanton Cobbler
  • Reduce
    • Bruton Wholefoods stocks a range of refillable products from spices and teas to cleaning products
  • Reuse
    • Advice from Somerset Waste Partnership
    • Sign up to the local freecycle group: Freecycle Wincanton Castle Cary
    • Bruton's Facebook groups are great for sharing things, particularly:
    • Donate good quality items to Brainwave charity shop on the High Street - check with them to see whether what you're donating is sellable
    • Donate clothing to RAISE for refugees. Mill on the Brue has a collection point. See here for times and what's best to donate.
  • Recyle
    • See what can be collected in kerbside recycling
    • Clean and dry rigid plastic food pots, tubs and trays can be taken to waste recycling sites, e.g. Castle Cary / Dimmer. Details of what's accepted and not is here.
    • Clean and dry tetrapak cartons can be recycled at a bring site in the library carpark in Gillingham (handy if you're catching a train) or at Frome tip.
    • There's a Terracycle collection point at On The Brook for various materials. All materials must be washed clean and dry. Include your contact details so the coordinator, Jo Lavender, can get in touch to thank you and for feedback. If you want more information, you can friend or PM Jo Lavender on Facebook or email her at The list (at May 2019) includes:
      • Aqua Optima water filters (Click image to enlarge)
      • Babyfood pouches and snack packets 
      • Bread bags 2709463183?profile=RESIZE_180x180
      • Confectionary packaging 2709477968?profile=RESIZE_180x180
      • Crisp packets 2709491824?profile=RESIZE_180x180
      • Disposable gloves 2709496136?profile=RESIZE_180x180
      • Finish and Vanish packaging 2709500167?profile=RESIZE_180x180
      • Nuts, popcorn, crisps and pretzel packaging 2709512672?profile=RESIZE_180x180
      • Petfood packaging 2709516359?profile=RESIZE_180x180
      • Pringles cans and lids 2709519994?profile=RESIZE_180x180
      • Toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes 2709526726?profile=RESIZE_180x180
      • Weleda packaging 2709536000?profile=RESIZE_180x180
      • For items to be accepted it's important that they must match the product not the plastic, for example, bread bags. Any brand of bread bag can go in (as long as it's hdpe) but just because a pack of supermarket apples are packed in the same type of plastic, doesn't mean it can go in too.
    • Bottle tops - with a 2 or 4 in the recycling triangle can be recycled at Bruton Wholefoods (the collection pot is in the window). Lush shops can take all bottle tops in-store but no longer accept them by post
    • Other clean and dry plastics can be recycled by M&S. Take them to a clothing store; M&S in Frome will not take them.
    • Clothing and shoes can be recyled in our kerbside collections, via charity shops or at Cash4Clutter in Yeovil (which also takes books)2709555722?profile=RESIZE_180x180
    • Stamps can be recycled at Bridge Stores, Bruton
    • All metal can be taken to the waste recycling sites, e.g. Castle Cary / Dimmer

 We'll keep adding to this. Reclaim and Repurpose...

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