31 March 2024 Bruton Community Freecycle

💚 The first community Freecycle event of the year will be tomorrow - Easter Sunday! 

After much agonising over the weather forecasts, we’re putting all our eggs in one basket and going for EASTER SUNDAY as the first community Freecycle event of the year. 

One day only this time as it’s quite tricky to get a whole rain-free weekend these days!

We normally like to hold the event over 2 days but this time it’s just not going to work: too much rain! Well that and a recycling collection on Saturday this week which wouldn’t be a good mix! 

So now is your chance. If you have a cupboard, shed or bookshelf that could do with refreshing: weed it. Then on Sunday put your spare bits and pieces onto your doorstep with a clear ‘Freecycle’ notice.

Join in the fun by strolling round the town and helping yourself to items being gifted by your neighbours. Books, children’s things, kitchenware, all sorts are bound to be on offer to whoever is in the right place at the right time.

Obviously your things are yours till they’ve gone: please keep the walkways clear and remove what’s left afterwards.

With luck we’ll repeat this a couple more times over the summer months, so if you’re working, busy or away your chance will come. 

Please spread the word and join in! 


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