Pre-loved pop-up shop

Pre-loved pop-up shop

So we made it through and YOU MADE IT work!
Thank you so much to the many (over 90) local people who brought in their wonderful pre-loved clothes for us to sell!
In the 7 days and 1 evening we were open we sold over 200 garments!
Those were perfectly good garments that had been sitting in people’s homes, not getting worn as often as they deserved. And now they’re back on the backs of equally lovely people, proving that sustainable fashion is not only possible but also FUN!
Many bargains were had, some local pockets and purses have been replenished (if you were a seller and weren’t paid in cash, your BACS payment was processed yesterday) and One Planet Bruton now has some funds to spend on making Bruton more sustainable.
We’ll also be able to send some remaining donated clothes on to Refugee Action in Somerset East.
Thank you so much to everyone who came and joined in, and especially to our wonderful team of volunteers & @flagsandmoss who gave so generously and made this event such a success.
We're attaching a list of continuing local resources to help you in your quests for #sustainablefashion



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