Walking and Cycling to School in Bruton

In 2020, Bruton Town Council and One Planet Bruton set up a Safer Walking and Cycling Group led by Cllr James Hood.

Part of the Safer and Walking Cycling Group's vision is that, within ten years, almost all people living in Bruton will be able to walk to the shops, schools and station along safe and direct routes that are easy and safe to walk with a double buggy or in a wheelchair and .

The Group wanted to know how children got to school in Bruton and carried out a 'Walking and Cycling to School' survey in autumn 2020.

The online and hard copy survey could be completed by the parents or carers and students at all schools in Bruton. Bruton Primary School actively promoted it to parents so had a higher response rate than the other schools.

There were 48 responses to the survey for Bruton Primary School. The key findings for Bruton Primary School are that:

  • 76 children are driven to school in Bruton from other local towns and villages
  • 78% of children who live in Bruton walk to school
  • Less than 1% of children in Bruton cycle to school
  • Children and their parents want to walk and cycle more
  • Safety is perceived as the main obstacle to both walking and cycling
  • More and better crossings were the most requested improvement

A presentation of the results of the survey can be found here.



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