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  • What Jp & Isla said :-)

  • I second Jp - we’ve got to have trees! And an abundance of them feels good to me.

  • I definitely prefer the green forest ones , for me the bigger forest just pips it as we need more trees .   The swish ones look a bit too corporate for my tastes. 

    • Thanks JP. I agree, I like the green circles too. I think the font is strong and will work on its own without the green circle so it will be versitile. I'm torn between the more or less trees, happy with either.

  • I like the green circle with the mini forest best. It looks friendly, and I think would appeal to children too, which is important. However I'm not a child so what do I know! 
    I also think we could even add trees as we achieved aims.
    The swoosh ones suggest a clothes wash product to me: not sure why? And the caps are more shouty. 


  • I like all of the swoosh Planets. Thanks for these!

    Edited: I like the trees too.

  • They're all great Alex!! Thanks for putting the time and effort into this.


  • 5) Swoosh Planet - turquoise and blue2057233049?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • 4) Swoosh Planet - turquoise and orange2057228504?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • 3) Swoosh Planet - green and blue2057223051?profile=RESIZE_930x

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