This principle is about promoting sustainable humane farming and healthy diets high in local, seasonal organic food and vegetable protein.

For example: food growing, onsite facilities / canteens, local sourcing, food culture, healthy diets, certification, humane farming, food waste

One Planet Goals
  • Make it easy and attractive for people to enjoy fresh, local, seasonal, healthy produce
  • Promote diets high in vegetable protein
  • Promote sustainable farming which supports biodiversity and builds soil
  • Promote humane farming
  • Reduce of eliminate food waste

Are there any issues or goals specific to Bruton?

What is Bruton doing already?

Who can contribute to this?

What more can we do?

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  • Thanks to those of you who came on Monday 2 September. Although we were a small group, we had a productive discussion.

    Here's a summary of what was discussed and next steps. It's not exhaustive and you might have other ideas. You can add these via the group section on our website: (need to register)

    We want to promote sustainable humane farming and healthy diets high in local, seasonal organic food and vegetable protein. To do this, we need to
    - Make it easy and attractive for people to enjoy fresh, local, seasonal, healthy produce
    - Promote diets high in vegetable protein
    - Promote sustainable farming which supports biodiversity and builds soil
    - Promote humane farming
    - Reduce or eliminate food waste

    We agreed that Bruton is quite well-served by local shops and producers.

    Key issues (raised by those present)
    - Levels of obesity and ill-health
    - Don't understand why people don't care about what they eat - harm to self & harm elsewhere in the food system
    - Food waste throughout the food chain from farm to fork
    - Many are financially constrained & lack skills to cook from scratch. But need to be careful not to lecture
    - Plastic packaging for food
    - Good access to food on Bruton's High Street but many go to supermarkets
    - Grow your own fruit & veg (if you have access to space)

    Other issues raised by people who couldn't be there
    - Community garden
    - Community fridge
    - Food bank

    Examples of good practice / local resources
    - Mill on the Brue (also provide school lunches for Bruton Primary School)
    - Sexeys Hospital garden
    - Riverside Walk fruit bushes & trees (need a group to look after them, particularly pruning fruit bushes)
    - Durslade Community Orchard
    - Food for Life Campaign (

    Ideas suggested (by those present)
    - Celebrate good farmers nearby
    - Open gardens - veg patch trail & wildlife gardens
    - Celebrate "Wake up to organic" in 2020 (mid-June)
    - Add info to website, e.g. Farmshop Association based in Wincanton
    - Follow the advice in Michael Pollan's 'Food Rules': eat food (i.e. real food, not processed), not too much, mostly plants (See - - this is a great little book. Borrow it from the Bruton library!
    Have a stall at the Church Fete (Sat 28 September 2019)
    - Link to health coaches and have drop in workshops that could link to other clinics, e.g. diabetes. Example of someone who reduced their blood pressure after just one week following a plant-based diet
    - Local exchange / place to share / sell gluts from veg patches / allotments (apparently there's one at Sexey's hospital for produce from the garden there)
    - Blackberry picking & foraging (not in areas that are sprayed)
    - Communal processing of gluts

    Next steps
    After discussion we decided that we'd like to focus on the following.
    - Instagram / Facebook campaign promoting good practice on Bruton's High Street linked to September's national campaigns: Oxfam's Buy Recycled in September, Organic September, International Zero Waste Week (2-6 September), Organic Beauty & Wellbeing (9-16 September), Recycling Week (23-29 September) (Christine). This fits well with supporting our local community and economy. - Hopefully you've seen some of the posts so far. Follow @oneplanetbruton's page
    - Plan to organise an event with the farming community (Oliver & Jane) based on findings from RSA's Commission on Food, Farming & the Countryside
    - Contact Bruton & District Horticultural society about Bruton Open Gardens in 2020 to see if we could organise a Food growing trail and a wildlife gardens trail as part of it. (Jane)
    - Organise a 'Wake up to Organic' breakfast event in June 2020

    This doesn't mean we can't do other things, just that these were the things that those of us present felt most drawn to.

    We'll follow up at our monthly meetings (last Friday of the month downstairs at the Chapel).
    Local and sustainable food
    Bruton has declared an climate and ecological emergency - the community is taking action to be carbon neutral by 2030
  • Possible outcomes for Bruton:
    Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from food cycle
    Reduced waste from food and packaging
    Everyone has access to affordable, healthy and tasty food, regardless of income
    Access to food growing space for all
    Better food know-how - increased knowledge and skills to grow, cook, eat and enjoy food
    Thriving local, independent food enterprises
    More community food growing
    Food production preserves ecosystems and animal welfare
  • Notes from 8 April 2019 workshop
    Converting people's good intentions into meaningful and lasting change [APPLIES TO ALL!!!]
    The embodied energy [and water] in the food we buy
    Restaurants / fast food / takeaway
    Food coming from outside Bruton - either fetched or delivered
    Shops selling highly packaged and highly processed food which is also unhealthy and unsustainable

    Restaurants / fast food / takeaway
    Organic wholefood shop but no late-night opening
    Surrounded by many low impact (& organic) farms
    Better information about food available locally
    Re-skilling & skills available

    Organic & wholefood shop
    Local meat from butcher
    Skills base - local people with skills, know-how & experience
    Willingness to learn
    A good base for communication & good / real / physical platforms
    Local businesses
    Schools & youth - big opportunity to facilitate youth to educate parents
    £ - force for good or bad / here & passing through
    People who understand challenges

    Info to cut through the fog - straightforward info
    Talk to neighbours and families to inspire and work together
    Some kind of campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of using & eating pesticides & herbicides - Not on my patch!
    Learning opportunities for people to learn about growing natural food
    Create awareness of the total costs of what we do &the costs to change / reasons we should
    Capturing the good croppable land for growing crops for us in Bruton
    Car-sharing to farm-shops & supermarkets
    More CSA (Community-supported agriculture) - local if possible / link consumers to producers
    Link with other towns & communities already doing well - learn from them, not reinvent / start from scratch
    People understanding that good food cannot be "cheap"
    Late opening of organic shop
    Encourage people to act & buy local natural organic food
    Link between good food and health: Agriculture is the primary healthy service
    Share info about who is local & seasonal
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