This principle is about making buildings and manufacturing energy efficient and supplying all energy with renewables.

For example: energy consumption, energy efficiency of buildings, greenhouse gases, energy consumption of products, renewable energy onsite, renewable energy tariffs.

One Planet Goals for zero carbon energy:
  • Buildings and processes are energy-efficient compared to a stated local or national benchmark
  • 100% of energy consumed is supplied by non-polluting renewable energy generated onsite or offsite
  • People are able to reduce fuel costs and adverse impacts on health from poorly heated or ventilated buildings

Are there any issues or goals specific to Bruton?

What is Bruton doing already?

Who can contribute to this?

What more can we do?

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  • From Brian M.

    Dee and I were impressed with the simple practicality of the suggestion to boil water and keep it in a thermos for tea, coffee etc:
    So much so, Dee went a-huntin’ locally and found a Judge 1.5 litre stainless steel thermal jug, at good ol’ Dave Marsh (Kitchens) in ‘Cary - priced @ £20.99.
    We’ve got one and it holds cold or hot water for 8 hours
  • Possible outcomes:
    Bruton is net zero carbon or better by 2030 at the very latest
    All businesses and organisations have energy efficiency programmes and carbon targets in place
    Rapid increase in renewable generation within the town. All schools and publicly owned community buildings with suitable roofs to have PV arrays
    Infrastructure in place to allow for microgrids, demand side response services, local electricity storage and other innovative solutions
  • Notes from 8 April 2019 workshop:

    Electric charging points
    Challenge policy
    Education - reduce consumption / increase renewables
    Consumption data - benchmark
    Old housing - inefficient
    A digester for Bruton
    Alternative sources of energy - collective
    Intensive farming - engagement [=> Local & Sustainable Food]
    Easy offset
    Challenge CUBIS & others - have they done enough

    Incentives & sources of funding

    Wyke Farms biodigester supplying energy to Bruton?
    Awareness / Education / Grants
    Attitudes changing - Council declaration of Climate Emergency
    Self-assessment toolkit on energy consumption

    Retrofit programme
    Supply chain - approved
    Policy - key dates
    Create own power as a community - cheaper - Organic Power Ltd [=> Equity & Local Economy]
    Go one better - not just standards - baseline
    Ways of recycling building waste [=> Zero Waste]
    Engage the unconverted
    Renewables - solar power / wind power schemes
    Council to put pressure on developers to go above current renewable sustainable regulations
    Link new buildings to other sectors: transport / water / food / community
    Trees in new developments [=> Land & Nature]
    New school buildings - carbon efficient?
    Apply for plug-in electric grant / car charge / car park [=> Travel & Transport]
    If have green development, can teach / influence / existing refurbishment
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